Est. 2015


barReVA is a local, privately owned barre studio in Richmond, VA offering a unique, full body workout inspired by the Lotte Berk Method.

Barre is a ballet-inspired workout technique, which also incorporates components of yoga, Pilates and isometric strength training. Each class is choreographed and set to fun motivating music to create an energetic and ever-changing workout. 

The sequence of exercises, coupled with periods of stretching, not only ensures tone and definition, but the lengthening of muscles to create a long, lean physique. Benefits include improved posture, muscle definition, increased flexibility, weight management and reduced stress. The technique is low-impact and suitable for all fitness levels.

Our studio is located at 5711 west broad street in the libbie place shopping center

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Meet Our instructors

The instructors really take the time to make individual corrections and offer advice to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout.
— Emily Sushko
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