Erin Kline

Barre Instructor

Erin grew up in Williamsburg, VA and was an avid swimmer from an early age.  She went on to swim at the College of William and Mary where she focused on long distance events.  She graduated with her Masters in Accounting in 2007 and moved to Richmond to pursue her career.  Erin has always had a passion for fitness and health, and her workouts shifted from the pool to any activity that could make her break a sweat and kick her butt!  She was introduced to barReVA in 2016 and immediately fell in love with how challenging the workout was, but more importantly how good it made her feel physically and mentally.  She was officially hooked!

Erin got married in May 2018, then immediately started training to become a BarReVA instructor.  During her classes, she aims to lead clients to work hard, reconnect with themselves and get physically and mentally stronger. Her fun-loving attitude will keep you laughing while her energy will keep you working!

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