Sherry Oelkers

Barre Instructor

Sherry is from Richmond, but as a Spanish teacher who enjoys people and communication, her interest in international cultures has taken her all over the world. Sherry grew up in an active family running, swimming, dancing, and cheerleading, and as an adult she has dedicated herself to group fitness that allows her to exercise in a shared-experience environment. After taking her first barre class in 2013, barre quickly became Sherry’s primary form of fitness due to the way the moves and the music come together to foster concentration on building and stretching the muscles. She likes that barre not only works the body, but it also challenges the mind. Even after six years of taking barre, Sherry loves that every class allows her to push herself harder, dig down deeper, and find just a little more burn. As a barre instructor, Sherry hopes to encourage others to find their own inner strength and to challenge themselves in a focused-yet-fun way.

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